Saturday, February 26, 2011

I want to be on Ellen!

I think it's important to have goals. Goals can drive a person, make a person want to do better, be better and achieve something. My current goal is to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I send everything to Ellen. Pictures, videos, letters, panties. Haha, just joking about the panties… or am I? No I really am. I love Ellen, but let's face it, that would just be weird.

    I am considering creating a Get Cari on Ellen page on Facebook… However I don't like that title. I just thought of that title but I do not love it. Shouldn't my brain come up with something brilliant? Something that will catch the interest of Ellen or Ellen's employees that will make them sit up and say, "YES! We have found Ellen's next guest." Bah! I'll just content myself with saying it's a work in progress. I WILL come up with something Brilliant and I WILL create a FB page in the hopes of catching the attention of the Ellen crew.

    Now let's be honest with each other here. WE all know I'm afraid of everything. Everything includes flying. I'm not afraid of Everything, but I definitely am afraid of a lot. Friends of mine have asked if there is anything that they are afraid of that I'm not afraid of. We haven't run across anything yet.

    I was off on a tangent there. Back to the point, fear of flying. So how will I get on Ellen if I'm afraid of flying? I am willing to take my Xanax like a good fearful girl and get on a plane with my children and clench the armrests the entire time to get to Ellen.

    But can any other goal measure up to the one of being on Ellen? Deep question right? I'm willing to chance it.

    I'd really love my girls to be able to be on while The Bieber is there…. And Usher was there… because we all know I squeal like a little girl when I see Usher. But the girls would just flip out… especially Gracie who is determined to marry him. Who can really blame the Doodle? He is adorable.

    This is the point where I include the link to the Doodle (Gracie) talking about her boyfriend The Bieber.

    And then talking about his haircut:


    This post is brought to you mostly because:

    A: Getting me on Ellen (pretty sure I'm clear about my goals here)

    B: My desire to be a more consistent blogger

    C: Getting more views on Gracie talking about her boyfriend, because it's so cute.

    D: I have to go potty. That was obscure, but it feels right J

Monday, February 14, 2011

25 Things I love on Valentine's Day

1. My family including but not limited to my fiance, my kids, my parents, my siblings, my fiance's family, my extended family etc. etc. You get the idea.

2. My doggies cuz they are cute, funny, cuddly and pathetic all at the same time

3. My friends, other than Heidi, of course.... and the other ones that piss me off

4. Frosted Shredded Wheat, regular size or little bites...not the Big Bites kind, ew.

5. Coffee!

6. My house - especially when it's clean for approximately 5 minutes before it's destroyed.

7. My Honda Pilot. I love the leather seats, especially since Aspen had diarrhea in there and if they were cloth, well I would have had to sell my car.

8. The dual-heated King Size blanket that Debbie got us for Christmas.
8.a. The awesome pot rack my parents got us for Christmas!

9. The internet!

10. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

11. Caramel Apples on Steroids from the chocolate company that combined with Cold Stone in Valpo.... Rocky Mountain Chocolate I think it is.

12. Chipotle Mexican Grill Steak Tacos with fresh pico.

13. Going to college

14. Being a Mom

15. The Pioneer Woman and Kara Williams for suggesting her!

16. The Pioneer Woman's Marlboro Man... you will too if you read Black Heels and Tractor Wheels

17. Summertime

18. Say Yes to the Dress and What Not to Wear (the only 2 acceptable shows on TLC)

19. Facebook - the perfect reason to procrastinate

20. Bradley Cooper - because he's super fine!

21. The Mentalist and especially Simon Baker

22. JCPenney's Worthington Line

23. Music - all kinds except for the honkiest tonkiest country and heavy death metal

24. The beach!

25. Working out.... Yes I actually love to work out!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Creation of Words by Cari (Patent Pending):

Foff ~ Foff is really a smooshing of a word…. It comes in two parts F and Off. I created this term while talking to Heidi via FB chat. FB chat sucks, let's just put that out there, it's true, everyone knows it. We joke around a lot, Heidi and I. I am clearly superior in cleverness to her, but ya know she tries…. Bahahha, I crack myself up. Moving on to the creation of Foff. So many times would I say F Off to Miss Heidi via FB chat. Then one day I went with Foff. Foff is fantastic for a couple of reasons… first of all, most people will have no clue what Foff means, which means it's vague and clever, two of my favorite things. Secondly, you are swearing without swearing. Priceless! I'm sure there are more reasons, but I'm over it.


Moving on….


Slackability ~ Slackability is a word I created reflecting my weekly procrastinations to do my homework. I have the ability, but I push off which means I'm obviously a slacker. Mush together and voila!


Floser ~ This was an Epic Fail moment of Heidi, when I was attempting to create new words by putting an F in front of them. She tried out Floser which is obviously amazing. Great accidental example, new word!


LMTO ~ We know about the LMAO, ROTLMAO and many other variations. I decided my rear had enough working out… so I moved on to a problem area. My thighs. Laugh Your Thighs Off with a LMTO!


LMSO ~ LMTO worked out so well after a few weeks I turned my attention to my serious problem area aka my Stomach. It has stuck for a few weeks as it does not seem to be working yet. Will keep you updated.


Fantasticness ~ What's better than something being fantastic? The fantasticness of something, of course…. Silly!

Carisk ~ Ah, I love Candice's Auto Correct. With it, we learned that Heidi is auto corrected to Brisk. After that, it just kind of stuck. Then one night Heidi and I decided to create a Brangelina type name, without the excessive homewreckingness….. Carisk was formed and we never looked back!


Doucheology ~ My lovely fiancĂ© created this word as the study of doucheism. I love him when he's brilliant… and even when he totally irritates me.


Douchetastic ~ A word doucheologists use to exclaim when something is totally tubular or fantastic. Use it, love it.

That's it for now, but I am always on a quest for new and better words. Comment to add your own word and I will continue to update this as new brilliant words come to me and my friends!

Funny Kid Moments

In my desire to blog more I am going to start Funny Kids Moments... a segment of the cleverness, funny-ness and brilliance of my children. Why have a blog if you can't go on and on about your kids, ya know?

Funny moments of this week 2/11/11:

#1: The setting: David walks in from work. I go and attack him with kisses while he continue to pulls away slightly. After I finally give up, Blythe says, "David, I totally feel your pain. She does that to me Every Night!"

#2: Last night we are on our way to Walmart to get Valentine's Day cards.... We had just left the dance where no one but Grace danced. Grace makes friends wherever she goes. She's fantastic. Moving on.... Our conversation goes likes this:

Me: Girls, you looked realllllly beautiful tonight. *Pause* John, you looked realllllllly handsome.

Blythe: Mom I don't want you to get all attitude-ish with me and No Offense, but All John did was put on a shirt and pants.

Me: Blythe, when you start a statement with No Offense, someone will always take offense.

#3: Took Johnny to All Star Cuts today for a haircut. Attempted to take him to Hair Cuttery, but after an irritating phone call with them, I decided they are now dead to me. John barely spoke as the lady cut his hair.. He's rather shy in most social settings which is why he's so adorable.... well one of the many reasons. The lady and I chatted a bit while she did his hair.

As we were leaving John says he wants her to cut his hair again and I response Of course. After we got in the car, Grace says: "Mom, she should be your best friend." (She being the hair stylist) I laugh and tell her I already have best friends. Grace: "Like Heidi?" Me: I say "Yes and Candice." *Pause* Grace: "Well you can have more than one best friend, she should be your best friend too." Precious!

February Fun

Watching Parks and Recreation right now... Good show...

Want to be better at blogging, I always have the best intentions but eventually and realtively quickly I lose sight of my grandious plans of consistently blogging. I just spent some time on Pioneer Woman's website drooling over her husband (no, I'm not proud) and her seemingly effortless blogging. But mostly her husband, Run Don't Walk and go to her website, click Confessions then Marlboro Man. You won't be sorry.

I've been reading her book this week Black Heels and Tractor Wheels, it's soooo good... I'm almost done with it. I've been taking it slow mainly because of my slackability when it comes to the other stuff I've not done this week.... like the last minute Bio 222 test I took and got a freakin C on. I can't believe it, I'm still in shock, a C. First C in college. Of course then I immediately figure out if I get an A on all the rest of the quizzes and the quizzes account for only 20% of the grade I will still get an A in the class, but still I'm horrified. I feel some of the questions were somewhat tricky and I don't know which ones I got wron but there's 25 questions total which mean I got 8 wrong. 8. I know you are shocked, I am too. And it was open book. Just to continue to rub it in of my loserness in this moment. Even David was shocked.

Moving on (or trying to)..... I am ahead in Criminology, only due to an oversight on the syllabus... and I took my Criminology test and got a 96 (though I believe 3 of the answers were correct--yes I emailed the professor). Took my first History test and am waiting for it to be graded. Buzzer.

This week we went to a Book Fair at the kids' school and then a Safe Harbor Valentine's Day Dance. Blythe's recycleable alien is completed and fantastic. So proud of her and her creativity. Grace got her hair fixed and it's only 6 days til her modeling appointment in Chicago. John got his hair cut today, finally!

Been working out this week on the treadmill. Still need to eat healthier. And be better at portion control. And drink more water. Goal: Lose 9 lbs by April so I can try on wedding dresses.

Family Vacation this year: Arkansas... .Yep that's right!

It for now, hopefully it won't be months before another post.... oh other than my creation of new words which I'm going to post today... or tomorrow... or maybe Sunday!


Doodle's New 'Do

David and I

Blythe's Recycleable Alien.... Be jealous!