Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gracie Doodle Brownie Sally

Friday the 13th was the Doodle's first commercial shoot! It was fabulous other than the waking up at 5:30 am to get there! Started the day off with the alarm not going off.... thankfully the doggies don't like me sleeping later than 5:30 if they have their way.

The trip to Chicago was relatively painless, though we did see a car flipped over on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago by Soldier Field and got lost trying to find the parking garage. Found the hospital just fine... but the parking garage was sneaky :).

Doodle LOVED the RV that we were in until it was time to shoot. The crew was super nice, she drew pictures of everyone, got her makeup and hair done and played on her Ipod.

This first picture is of her in the RV, in the Co-Captains chair. She was overjoyed!

Some of Doodle's Breakfast... Orange-chu glad to see me?

Doodle looking cute, with makeup and hair done...

Looking out the 5th story window of the hospital.....

Before filming Gracie decided she wanted to be called Sally. So cute. It was Ashley last week and Crystal before that. The crew was so cool in that they called her Sally the entire time.

Close to filming! One of the crew suggested I take a pic, it was definitely new for us! I was so nervous for her, but she was such a little professional!

Everyone complimented Sally on how well she did... One of the directors said to me, "Oh she must do this all the time?" and I said, "No, this is her first time." He was Wowed and said anytime they need a cute child, he'll request her! That would be so cool! I'm so proud of my Gracie Doodle Brownie Sally :)