Sunday, January 22, 2012

One of those weekends....

At the start of this weekend, I was stuck in a snowstorm in Chicago with the Doodle, missing her opportunity to be in a Band-Aid commercial and fly to LA, where she would meet the Bieber and I would meet Ellen... Hey, it could happen!

I was so thankful to get home safely... in one piece, and the joy I felt when picking up Blythe and John made me so very happy!

We had such a good weekend and I had to share some of the highlights on my blog.... So here we go, Picture Parade!!

The Doodle in good spirits, reading the Nook as we sat in traffic on 290 for HOURS!

John taking his role of "Man of the House" very seriously when he got up Saturday morning, put on his winter gear and went out to shovel the steps... I kept snapping pictures... he's such a good boy!

Blythe had 3 friends over, Kiara, Kori and Ariana and we all went to Xavier's Birthday Party at the LaPorte roller rink! I never even knew of the place, but am definitely returning! It was so much fun... it had been YEARS since I'd been on roller skates, but it was Awesome none the less!

The Doodle skating along:

My babies! They are so cute!

Impromptu kissing fest.... I love this picture though I'm devoid of makeup... Moving on....

Chicken Dance... Oh Yeah!

All the girls!


More skating!

Awesome weekend, awesome kids, awesome life!

Also, today is my Mama's birthday and we did not get a chance to get together.... we'll be celebrating in 2 weeks! I love you Mom!

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